January 2020: Two Funded Postdoc positions!

Adverts coming soon but:

(1) Exploring the link between microbial communities and Brachypodium cell wall. Using EcoFABs and community editing to unpick the spatial and temporal dynamics of these processes. Part of the DoE funded SFA mCAFEs .

(2) Characterizing the effect of sorghum with engineered cell walls on rhizodeposition and plant-microbe interactions. Part of the DoE funded Bioenergy Research Center, JBEI.

Contact Jenny for more info.


If you’re interested in applying for a fellowship to join our group as a grad student or postdoc, please e-mail Jenny your CV and a short cover letter explaining why you’re interested in our research.

There are many different resources for where to find out about potential graduate/postdoctoral fellowship, including from UC Berkeley. Also see our links page. We welcome UCB graduate students who are interested in rotating with us.

We have a number of opportunities for paid internships for students, particularly over the summer. These include for high-school students (via the Biotech Partners program), and undergraduates from two- and four-year institutions (via the CCI and SULI programs respectively). The Biochemical Society also has Summer Vacation Studentships which can be used in my lab. We also welcome undergraduate students who want to undertake research projects for course credit.