Lab Members


Dr Jenny Mortimer (PI)

2021 – Associate Professor, University of Adelaide

2021- Affiliate Staff Scientist, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

2018- 2020 Staff Scientist, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

2014-2018 Research Scientist, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

2013-2014 RIKEN FPR fellow, Demura Group, RIKEN Yokohama, Japan

2007-2013 Postdoctoral Research, Dupree Group, University of Cambridge UK

2008 PhD Plant Physiology, University of  Cambridge, UK (supervisor: Dr Julia Davies)

2003 MRes Bioinformatics, University of Exeter, UK (research conducted at La Trobe University, Australia)

2002 BSc (hons) Biological Sciences, University of Bristol, UK


Dr Yu Gao (postdoc, LBNL)

2018, PhD Chemical Engineering, Washington University in St. Louis, St. Louis, Missouri, USA

2011, BS Chemical Engineering, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa, USA


Dr Yuan Zhang (postdoc joint with Dr. Henrik Scheller, LBNL)

2018, PhD Microbiology, Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA

2012, BS Marine Life Resources and Environment, Shandong University, China


Mr Jonathan Diab (Research Assistant, LBNL)

2017, B.S., Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology, with honors, B.S., Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, with honors. University of California, Santa Cruz, USA


Dr Hsiao-Han Lin (postdoc, LBNL)

2020 PhD Microbiology, National Taiwan University, Taiwan

2012 MS (hons) Plant-microbe interactions, National Taiwan University, Taiwan

2010 BSc (hons) Biochemical Science & Technology, National Taiwan University, Taiwan



Dr Destiny Davis (postdoc, LBNL)

2020, PhD Plant Biology, University of California Davis, USA

2012, BS (hons) Biology, University of Central Arkansas


Mr Nick Downs (Research Assistant, Joint with Dr Henrik Scheller, LBNL)

2020 BSc Genetics & Plant Biology, UC Berkeley, USA

2020 BA Molecular & Cell Biology, UC Berkeley, USA

Dr Fleur Dolman (UoA)


2015-2021 Senior Research Officer, University of Adelaide

2010-13 Postdoc, Arhus University, Denmark

2007-2009 Research Scientist, University of Adelaide, Australia

2010, PhD Plant Biotechnology, University of Adelaide, Australia

2003, BSc Biotechnology, Flinders University, Australia

Dr Daniel McKay (UoA)

2017, BSc (Hons) (Molecular Biology), University of Adelaide, Australia

2021, PhD, Plant Physiology, University of Adelaide, Australia

Former Lab Members

Dr Xiaoxian Liu

Now a Staff Bioinformatician, Moffitt Cancer Center, FL, SUA

Dr Rebecca Dewhirst (postdoc, joint with Kolby Jardine)

Now a Research Scientist at Living Carbon, CA, USA

Dr Tallyta Silva (Senior Research Associate)

Dr Kavitha Satish Kumar (postdoc)

Dr Wenjia Wang (postdoc)

Now a Scientific Editor at Molecular Plant and Plant Communications Journals, Shanghai, China

Dr Cinta Gomez Silvan (postdoc joint with Dr. Gary Andersen on EcoPOD project)

Now a Scientist III, Molecular Biology R&D, Thermo Fisher Scientific, CA, USA

Dr Ramana Pidatala (Senior Research Associate at LBNL)

Now a Principal Research Associate at LBNL in the Gladden group, CA, UDA

Eliot Magnin (Visiting Masters Student)

Returned to complete their Masters in Biotechnology at Polytech Clemont-Ferrand, France

Robin Herbert (Research Assistant)

Jointly supervised by Aindrila Mukhopadhyay

Now a graduate student (as of Sept. ’18) at UC Berkeley in the lab of Adam Deutschbauer, CA, USA.

Sophie Tran (UC Berkeley Student Assistant)

Graduated 2018, and started working at Seqmatic, CA, USA.

Jade Pezard (Visiting Masters Student)

Returned to complete their Masters in Agronomic Engineering at AgroParisTech, France

Pablo Bouchez (Visiting Masters Student)

Returned to complete their Masters in Biotechnology at Polytech Clemont-Ferrand, France

Dr Lin Fang (postdoc)

Now an Assistant Professor at the CAS South China Botanical Gardens, Guangzhou, China

Dr Beibei Jing (postdoc)

Now at the City College of San Francisco

Dr Julien Sechet (postdoc)

Now an Agreenskills Fellow at the Institut Jean Pierre Bourgin, Versailles, France

Marianne Colomes (Visiting Masters Student)

Logistical engineer, Nutribio, Paris, France

Soe Htwe (Research Associate)

Now an RA at Resilience Industries, San Francisco (and a budding pastry chef!)

Jeemeng Lao (Research Associate)

Now a grad student at University of Southern California, LA

Emilie Rennie (LSRF fellow)

Now at Callisto Media, Berkeley CA

Dominik Bodi (Biotech Partners High School Intern)

Malgorzata Murawska (Gosia) (Masters student/Research Assistant)

Now a graduate student at the University of Basel, with Prof. Dennis Gillingham

Fekadu Anderbehan (Part-time Research Assistant)

Vy Ngo (UC Berkeley Student Assistant)

Became a Junior Specialist in the Schaffer Lab, UCB.

Now a Research Associate at Zymergen, Emerville, CA

Dr Thea Pick (DFG Research Fellow)

Moved to become a postdoc in the Weber group, Heinrich Heine University, Dusseldorf, Germany

Dr Amir Mahboubi (postdoc) 

Moved to become a postdoc at the Umeå Plant Science Centre, Umeå, Sweden