Lab Resources

Useful Links

The Joint BioEnergy Institute (JBEI) – a DOE BER Bioenergy Research Center program

JBEI Inventory of Composable Elements (ICE) – public version of JBEI’s registry of DNA parts (for requesting strains, constructs etc)

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) – our home institute

The Department of Energy (DOE) – our funders!

The Biochemical Society

The American Association of Plant Biologist (ASPB)

The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)

The Society for Glycobiology

Plantae – social network for plant scientists

ESE (JBEI intranet – only accessible for people with LDAP)

Examples of Research Fellowships*

Human Frontiers Postdoctoral Fellowships – limited restrictions on nationality

LSRF – any nationality is eligible to work in a US lab  ✔

DFG fellowships – for German citizens or for people who have completed extensive scientific training in Germany ✔

Swedish International Postdoc – for people awarded a PhD by a Swedish research institution who want to carry out research abroad

VILLUM foundation – for Danish citizens to do a postdoc overseas ✔

Mobilex grants – for Danish citizens

L’Oreal USA for women in science

Awesome curated list for minority postdoc funding opportunities

Fulbright postgraduate scholarships – for UK citizens to work in the US

✔ People associated with my group have been successful with this!

*if you have any additions to this list, then please email me

Help on being a good scientist

A masterclass from Nature on peer review and this worksheet to help with the peer review process.


To come

In the meantime, I love the advice for students new to lab work from #Undergradinthelab (@youinthelab) and Not Voodoo (@Not_Voodoo).